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    Aurora forecast available in our app for iOS and Android Aurora


    Before writing an e-mail go through the help and, in particular, this section.

    Have you got an application for mobile phones available (Android, iOS, Windows)?
    At the present time, we have an application for the iOS and Android platform available (see iTunes and Google Play). On the other platforms, you can use websites in the mobile phone that are optimised for displaying on a smaller screen.

    What time zones do you use on the website?
    The timeline below the map uses the time that you have set in your computer. By contrast, the side panel uses the time of a particular location. The time zone used is shown in the side panel below the location title (e.g. UTC+1).

    Why does a forecast not correspond?
    Numerical models only provide a simplified insight into phenomena in the atmosphere, and no forecast is 100% certain. Especially in the mountains, the weather differs even in a very small territory, which a model can’t capture correctly. The Ventusky application in itself doesn’t forecast the weather. We only visualize data from numerical models (GFS, ICON, GEM etc). So, we can’t influence the quality of forecasting.

    Why do wind speeds on Ventusky differ from values on other websites?
    Differences may be down to several causes. You must always compare identical data. On our website we display wind gusts and average wind speed. Nevertheless, average wind speed may be computed for a period of 1 minute, or 10 minutes. Models operated by NOAA (GFS, HRRR) use 1-minute average. The remaining models (ICON, GEM) use 10-minute average. This may cause differences between individual models and values being compared from other websites. Differences manifest mainly in the case of tropical cyclones, where a 1-minute average value is markedly higher than a 10-minute average value of wind speed. Differences may also occur owing to the fact that we display data from numerical models that may not include all the data that have been measured (if, for example, a private station on a Caribbean island measures an average wind speed over 200 km/h during a hurricane, such data will not enter the models displayed by us as the models only utilise a professional network of stations, which is sparse in some areas).

    What models do you use?
    You can find information on the model displayed in the bottom left corner. There you can also change the model. Information on models used can be found on the Internet (by searching the name of the model concerned, e.g. GFS) or in short in our Help section.

    Why does your forecast differ from a forecast on a different website?
    We do not create our own forecasts on the Ventusky website but we display data from numerical models. Thus, differences occur owing to the use of another model for forecasting. Information on the models used by us can be found in short in our Help section. In addition, the model used is always displayed in the bottom left corner.

    How often is the data on your website updated?
    We always acquire the latest data. As a rule, the numerical models are updated every 6 hours, but the precise interval depends on the particular model. You can find information on the latest data update by clicking the “i” icon in the bottom left corner next to information on the model used.

    What are the altitudes of the clouds layers?
    These categories (low, middle, high) are based on the standard definition (see Cloud levels).

    A forecast changes markedly all of a sudden after a certain time. What causes it?
    After such time, there’ll probably be a change of the numerical model used. For example, the ICON model is only computed for the next 72 hours, and the data is then displayed from the GFS model, which may have a different forecast. Always watch what model is currently used in the bottom left corner.

    I’ve found an error on the website. What should I do?
    If it’s a serious error, write an e-mail to us ([email protected]). Remember to attach a print screen of the problem in question.

    Ventusky runs slowly on my device. What should I do?
    If the problem is due to insufficient performance of your device, you can decrease the application resolution in the settings, which will increase the speed. Select Reduced resolution on the scroll bar in the settings. Another option is to use the Chrome browser that loads pages the quickest.

    Settings can’t be saved. What should I do?
    If you change the settings (units etc), the changes will be automatically saved. For them to be saved, you must have cookies allowed (you mustn’t use the anonymous browsing mode etc). If settings can’t still be saved, try using another web browser.

    Will you add water temperature, ocean currents, humidity etc onto your website?
    We’ve got lots of ideas for new features. We’re working on them at the moment. The Ventusky project is continuously developing. Watch our Facebook for more information.

    Can you correct state borders? They aren’t displayed correctly.
    We don’t modify map bases. There’re dozens of disputed territories all over the world, which we don’t monitor and express no opinion on through maps, though. We don’t provide political maps. We focus primarily on visualising weather data.

    May I use images from Ventusky on my website?
    All the sharing options are given in the Share section. In this section you can, for example, generate an image that you can use on your website. Don’t forget to provide an active link (source identification – www.ventusky.com).

    May I insert the Ventusky application into an iframe created by me on my website?
    This way of inserting our website isn’t allowed. All permitted sharing options are given in the Share section. Using our website in any other way is prohibited. Through such insertion, you cause an excessive increase in our data transmissions for which we must pay. You can write to us to be granted an exception.

    I want start cooperating with you and integrating Ventusky into our systems. How should I proceed?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to integrate our product into another application currently. We are now focusing on the new functions,. We would like to finish these projects, which are demanding on time. In the future, we might start to provide Ventusky as a platform to third-parties.

    I need historical data. How should I proceed?
    Weather archive can be accessed only through our website. We do not provide historical data sets in other formats (for example by API).

    I have completely different question.
    You can contact us on [email protected]. Please note, that we are receiving hundreds of e-mails and we cannot answer all of them.